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3 Tips To Boost Your Business By Creating Great Content

Giving your business the competitive edge starts with creating images

Millennials are entering their prime spending years. They’re also on the verge of overtaking Baby-Boomers as the largest generation. Pew Research Centre

Although traditional advertising methods can still enhance sales, it’s becoming more and more evident that Millennials are turning to social media to select the companies they support. A few years ago we started monitoring how and where each of our clients found out about us. It turned out the overwhelming majority found us through Instagram. Despite having large galleries of images on our website, customers are looking at a forum that is current. Our Insta is constantly being updated with fresh content that gives followers an inside look at the people behind our business. A beautiful advert or printed catalogue are not enough anymore for our market, they’re wanting to understand our culture - To connect with the values of the people they’re buying from. To remain top-of-mind we need to connect with them as regularly as they browse. In other words, if we want our business to have a competitive edge we need to be producing content, and lots of it.

Typically, successful businesses will keep their marketing consistently polished, hiring professionals to continuously shoot and design all their content. Obviously this is the ideal approach but we’re not always in a position to spend the time or money on this scale. So how do we as small business-owners create great content regularly, without the great expenses that go with it? Here're some tips I’ve learned on creating great content:


It’s hard to convince your customers to buy products they haven’t seen. Hire professionals to shoot image/video content of all your products, so you can generate excitement around each one to fuel its sales. Depending on how high your turnover of new stock is, try to organize a pro shoot each time you get new products in. Posting something new helps keep your feed exciting and fresh. Viewers are generally able to tell whether an image is professional or taken on a cellphone. This shapes their opinion of how successful your business is. Ensure your business looks and feels as successful as you’d like it to be.


When it comes to temporary or casual social media posting, such as Instagram stories, these tend to be more effective taken on your phone. This allows you to take photos or films on-the-go of what’s happening right now. It also tends to feel more real, which is highly engaging to viewers wanting to form a meaningful connection with your business. Having a decent understanding of what makes a good image, will greatly affect the quality of these photos and videos. Attractive and entertaining images are more likely to keep your viewer’s attention and make sure they come back to watch your next story.