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3 Ways to Achieve #PicturePerfect Bridal Makeup

My tips to getting glowing skin in-camera.

I used to think that makeup was nothing more than a few beauty products applied to a face, until I started working with pro MUA’s on the reg.

We retouch (gently blur the skin) for our brides in every image of their wedding photos so they always look flawless. Most faces look amazing at the end of this process, but some look luminescent. After many years photographing makeup and close-up beauty shots these are the answers I’ve found to achieving that glow in your photos:


I find brides that take care of their skin achieve flawless results in their wedding photos. The cameras we’re using capture faces in minuscule detail, so any dry skin or small bumps can show up in a sharp photograph. Although we edit out bumps and blemishes, the best end-result is achieved when less work needs to be done to a face in post-production. This way your even skin-texture is still visible through the gentle blurring, giving it a real, natural-looking gleam.

*TIP: The best Photoshop-work should not be noticeable.


Flash and bright lights can sometimes ‘water-down’ the richness of your makeup in photos. This is especially relevant for lip colour. Generally photographers want to ensure the bride’s face is well-lit and bright which can result in dimming the colours of your makeup. If you want a look that is dramatic and bold in your wedding photos, your makeup will need to look a touch bolder than this IRL. If you’re a natural bride wanting a natural look, the same rule applies. A good rule would be to go slightly bolder than what you want, to ensure you pack-a-punch in your wedding photos. Highlighter also looks great on camera as it reflects the flash and really helps to define the face structure.


False lashes draw attention to your eyes and can make your overall-look much more striking - However, If your lashes are too big or too condensed for your eye-shape it can sometimes block light from reaching your eyes, making them look dark or small in photos. Ideally you want lashes that define and flatter your natural eye shape, but still allow as much light in as possible. And that's it! Before you get back to browsing, check out our final tip below.

MUA’s that have been applying wedding makeup for years will probably have much better insight than I do - I’m a firm believer in trusting your service provider’s professional opinion. Learn from their advice and ask questions about what’ll work best for you. *TIP: Don’t skimp on an MUA, their work will affect every photo from your wedding day.

I hope these tips help you achieve that picture-perfect wedding glow.

If you have any questions about photographing makeup let us know in the comments.

From one over-achiever to another, I wish you all the best.


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